Language Translation

Language Translation & Transliteration

In the modern digital age, bridging language barriers online to connect organizations with global audiences has never been more valuable. At Brick House, we’ve taken it one step further and made sure that organizations have maintained their integrity and authenticity by translating their digital content with cultural, contextual and linguistic accuracy of the target language.

We’ve connected organizations and their customers in all types of industries including business, education, healthcare, legal, and entertainment. Users around the world are more likely to engage with your content and services in their native languages – why not meet your audience on their own ground?

Brick House is known for its highly accurate website translation services in over 100 language pairs including Chinese-to-English and English-to-Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, and German. Our team of hand-picked professional translators are native language experts, having significant translation and location experience in eCommerce, online retailers, and global businesses.

If you need to build a multi-language website from scratch, Brick House offers you customizable solutions based on your target languages, project goals, and budget.